Hydrolift S–24

The incomparable design, versatility and blistering performance of the Hydrolift S-24 series makes this boating experience the closest you can get to flying without wings.

If you are looking for exquisite details, high quality and great driving experiences at sea, the S-24 series is your answer. Praised by the international press for its design and performance, the Hydrolift 24 has all the attributes, attitudes and driving qualities of a luxury sports car.

Hydrolift S–24 Sun

A spacious bow rider with the attention to detail that only Hydrolift offers, the S-24 SUN is made for an eventful day on the water.

When we designed the S-24 SUN, we gave her all the performance capabilities and exquisite design elements of the 24 series but with more focus on relaxation and enjoyment of a warm summer’s day.

Hydrolift C–24 R

The C-24 features a spacious, closed cabin, perfect for relaxing during a day at sea. Due to this model’s amazing seaworthiness at high speed, we deliver our fastest high performance boats, the R-models, as C versions.

Hydrolift S–25 Sun

Iconic design with a touch of glamour. The S-25 is a beautiful boat, perfect for water sports and sunbathing. Owners can choose to tailor many of the S-25 SUN features – such as colors, materials and bow section – to reflect their own personal style.

Enjoy the appearance of this boat and get used to the attention it attracts from curious spectators in every harbor.

Hydrolift S–28

The Hydrolift S-28 is characterized by its wide open deck layout allowing ample space for the whole family and more. We incorporated striking new design elements such as the fully integrated electric spray hood, the Hydrolift D-fender system and a spacious swim platform that becomes the social centerpiece of the boat.

Combining innovative technology with our exclusive Hydrolift design elements, the S-28 becomes a boat unrivaled in its class.

Hydrolift C–28 Cab

The C-28 Cab is the perfect weekend cruiser for boat owners who expect more. Its practical yet luxuriously appointed cabin comfortably accommodates 2 adults and 2 children, while its’ perfectly designed 2-step V-hull ensures safe, easy handling at high speed and in rough seas. A spacious swimming platform forms the natural social centerpiece of the boat, and ensures hours of enjoyment and relaxation for young and old alike.

Hydrolift C–31 V2

The Hydrolift C-31 combines performance and aesthetics. The unique hull design of this elegant sports cruiser easily withstands rough weather and high seas, making it the perfect retreat for long trips and cruising at sea.

Inside, the cockpit interior features a practical design that allows you to quickly convert an intimate dinner for two to a social setting for seven. The cabin has a sleeping capacity for 2+1 and a luxurious toilet compartment.

Hydrolift C–32 Sun

An intoxicating mix of exquisite luxury and extreme performance; the C-32 SUN and C-32 SUN RR personify the spirit of Hydrolift. From the very beginning, our goal has been to erase the lines between performance and luxury and create a boat that is powerful, beautiful and functional. It is this tradition we have followed when designing the C-32 SUN, and the C-32 SUN RR in particular.

Hydrolift C–33 Cab

The Hydrolift flagship is designed for function, comfort and performance.

At its heart is a deep, secure cockpit which includes a large, comfortable sofa with a concealed table.

The cabin is a spacious lounge, which can easily provide comfortable overnight accommodation. Options include integrated TV and audio equipment, as well as custom-designed Hydrolift luggage for the designated storage area.


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